Barrie Hotels For Canadian Travelers

There are many reasons that visitors in Southern Ontario should be looking at Barrie hotels. It is both a getaway and gateway into the cottage country further north for visitors coming in from Toronto, which is less than an hour to the south. More importantly, there’s a 6-lane highway running right through the town.

It is located on the shores of Kempenfelt Bay, on Lake Simcoe. It gets visitors all year round – skiers in the winter, and vacationers during the rest of the year who come to enjoy a getaway or vacation here. The town’s vibrant waterfront and natural beauty, its festivals, downtown shops and quaint small town atmosphere all add up into a very attractive destination.

For visitors from Toronto and others who land at Pearson International Airport, the drive up north along Highway 400 brings them straight here in about 50 minutes. The highway has six exits for the town, and many visitors coming to or passing through the town prefer to stay near the exits. This doesn’t mean right on the exits, but it can be in a nice area or road that runs close to an exit, like on Fairview Road.

Many business and airport travelers actually prefer to stay in Barrie hotels and commute rather than stay in Toronto. It is a relaxing place to live in with a wide range of affordable and comfortable accommodations in nice neighborhoods. Besides, a large number of residents actually commute to work in Toronto each day, so it’s no big deal.

Business travelers with business to attend to here or in areas nearby will find a hotel stay here a perfect base from which to attend meetings. There are many fine downtown properties offering executive suites with broadband and wi-fi internet, and in-room safes and workdesks. Not to mention business friendly facilities like meeting rooms and a business center.

Then there are leisure travelers who come here to enjoy the many pleasures the town offers. Winter sports loving skiers, snowboarders and ice fishers apart, the town is famous as a getaway for couples seeking a cozy and romantic hideaway hotel along Lakeshore Drive. Summer brings a whole lot more vacationers, and the resorts in Barrie and the Horseshoe Valley are usually packed solid.

The rebuilt and revitalized waterfront with many new hotels is a perfect place to stay not just for leisure travelers, but also for those attending one of several big festivals that take place here every year. This includes the aptly named Barrie Waterfront Festival. There’s also an arts & craft festival attended by hundreds of thousands of people.

In summary, Barrie hotels are spread over a wide range of locations here and offer suitable accommodations for just about every type of visitor. Whether it is an airport traveler on the way to or from Pearson, a leisure traveler or getaway seeker from Toronto or a business traveler looking for some peace and comfort, Barrie fits the bill. All that visitors need to do is chose the right location and hotel in town.